Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

Bentley Parish Now Designated As Neighbourhood Plan Area


Bentley Neighbourhood Plan Update 1

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to say how Bentley will be developed over the next 20 years. There is a legal document called a Neighbourhood Development Plan that will take your views into account; it becomes law for planning decisions. A village meeting on 12th June voted overwhelmingly to go ahead with one. Now we need your input!

What does it involve?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a big undertaking. It’ll probably take 18 months to 2 years to write. There are 4 main things that need to happen:

Describe Bentley as it is today – how many people live here, what types of houses there are, something about the history of the village, the amenities, etc., etc. That’s a large part of what the team is doing right now.

Consult with all parishioners about what’s important to them about living here – what needs to be preserved, what development is appropriate, where it should take place. See below!

Write the legal document that forms the Neighbourhood Plan – once we have got all the data in and are certain we understand what the village wants.

Turn the document into law. You will have a chance to approve the plan in a referendum. If a majority approve the plan, it will go forward for inspection.

What happens next?

The team is preparing a survey to gather the data we need. It’ll be ready soon after the schools go back in September, and we’ll deliver two copies to every house in the parish; we’d like every adult to fill one in. Extra copies will be available at the shop and the pub, or you can contact us via the website and ask for more copies to be dropped off. (We’re also working with the Primary School and East Bergholt High School, so youngsters get a say too. After all, they have to live with our decisions! If you have a youngster who doesn’t school locally but wants to contribute, please let us know.)

Surveys need to be completed and returned by the end of September. The same people who delivered your copies will come and pick them up, or they can be dropped off at the shop or pub. Responses are anonymous, but we would like to collect postcode data to make sure we have a representative sample.

After the survey results are in and the numbers crunched, we’ll share them with the whole village at a consultation event.

Any questions?

There’s more detail on what a Neighbourhood Plan is, and some examples of other villages’ ones, on the website.

We can be contacted via the website, and we’ll have a stand at the Village Fun Day. The Parish Council, pub, and the shop notice boards will also have contact details.



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