Parish Representatives

Parish Councillors

Clerk to the Parish Council

Chair: Dr Michael Bamford tel. 07707905889

Cllr Peter Cross  
Cllr Bob Feltwell (Vice Chair)  
Cllr Irene Goodwin  
Cllr Andrew Graffham  
Cllr Karen Hutchings  
Cllr Nicky Moxey  
Cllr Catherine Spicer  
Cllr John Wheals  


Mrs J Scott
Whites Cottage
Heath Road
East Bergholt
Suffolk CO7 6RJ
Tel: 01206 298174


County and District Councillors

County Councillor Gordon Jones (Contact details) 
District Councillor John Hinton (Contact details) 
District Councillor Stephen Williams (Contact details)

Chairman - Dr M Bamford
Village Correspondent - Cllr Andrew Graffham
School Community Governor - Mr. Craig Barker 01473 310923
Parish Tree Warden - Mr C Hawes email
Footpath Warden - Mr A Cribb email
Transport Representative - To be discontinued
Folly Farm Representative - Mr R Goodwin - to be confirmed