Welcome to the Bentley Parish Council website. Our thriving Suffolk village is located 6 miles south-west of Ipswich, adjacent to beautiful 'Constable Country.'

To raise matters with the Council or if you require information, please contact the Clerk, Joy Scott (email) or Parish Council Chairman (see contacts).

Bentley Parish Council is very grateful for the support of Onesuffolk.net (website) which provides our website platform, funded by Suffolk County Council. It enables parish councils, community and voluntary organisations to participate by contributing information about their particular area. Amongst its terms and conditions are rules that websites should not publish offensive, misleading or inaccurate information, and should not publish material from other websites without the relevant webmaster's permission. If you have any concerns about this website, please contact the the Village Correspondent via the Clerk.







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Bentley Parish Council apologizes for some formatting and layout errors on this website. Unfortunately these issues are beyond our control and attempts are being made to rectify this by the website hosts OneSuffolk. The main effect has been that files listed in left hand margins are listed in alphabetical order instead of chronological order. Please bear with us while this issue persists. Thank you.

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