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Welcome to the website of Bentley Parish Council and links for this thriving Suffolk village, located 6 miles South-West of Ipswich, on the edge of Constable Country

The Village has many active organisations, listed in the Parish Magazine - the Bentley Bugle, and links to this and some of the organisations can be found on this site. 

For results of Parish and District Council elections see Notices 


Notices of Parish Council agendas and minutes of meetings are posted under Meetings

Close to Constable Country

Agendas, Meeting notices, and Minutes are also posted on the notice board at the Village Hall, and on the former Post Office Notice Board.

Affordable Housing survey: a survey early this year has been conducted, with support from Community Action Suffolk. This will inform the Council's position on housing development in the village. 

Further general information may be found under Notices - See for further information on Proposals for a Community Shop, Children's play area on the School Playing Field (now open), community purchase of the 'Case is Altered' pub, and progress with Allotment development

The Parish Magazine the 'Bentley Bugle' can be accessed per this site Bentley Bugle

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To raise matters with the Council or for information please contact the Clerk, Joy Scott, email  or PC Chairman (see contacts)

Any comment on this site or feedback please contact: webmaster this site 

Bentley from South - Google image

Bentley from South: Google image

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